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The Mammalian Stress Mechanism

30 Years Lost in Medical Theory 

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The Unified Theory of Medicine of Hans Selye

“Medicine, the only profession that labors incessantly to destroy the reason for its existence.” –James Bryce

New: Copies of published papers relevant to stress theory can be downloaded from the author's DropBox by clicking on this link: Published Papers. In addition, Quicktime slide shows are available via the following links:

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“Not only will men of science have to grapple with the sciences that deal with man, but—and this is a far more difficult matter—they will have to persuade the world to listen to what they have discovered. If they cannot succeed in this difficult enterprise, man will destroy himself by his halfway cleverness.”
—Bertrand Russell, 1872-1970

Countless hours of subsidized research toil and test animal torture have finally yielded the ultimate objective of modern medical science: a unified theory of medicine that explains the nature of disease and elevates medicine from an art based on experiment to a science founded on theory. This achievement is embodied in the recent discovery of the mammalian stress mechanism (MSM) that was famously predicted by Hans Selye shortly before the discovery of DNA.

The MSM is the essence of medicine. It is the missing cog in the machinery of mammalian life. It converts DNA genetic information into embryological development, repairs body structures, and maintains the "internal milieu" that optimizes cell activity.   It enables Selye’s unified theory of medicine that promises a new era of health, longevity, and prosperity. It confers effective treatments for cancer, sepsis, eclampsia, plagues, pneumonia, asthma, influenza, adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), multi-organ failure syndrome (MOFS), systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS), and other critical illnesses. It embodies a fresh theory of anesthesia, analgesia and allostasis that will re-revolutionize surgery. It portends profitable pharmaceutical progress that purges the last vestiges of disease. Its implications exceed the bounds of medicine. It implies a unified theory of biology that explains embryology, evolution, anatomy, intelligence, ethology, taxonomy, paleontology, the Cambrian Explosion, dinosaurs, and the origin and nature of life. It paves the path to complete understanding of the genome, with implications that presently reside in the realm of science fiction.

Selye’s theory was the previously prevailing paradigm of medical research but was abandoned for lack of a testable mechanism that explains how it works. Now enabled by the MSM, it is poised to replace DNA theory and reinvigorate medical and biological research. However, its acceptance will not be easy. Though the MSM is compatible with accepted scientific knowledge, it is complex, counterintuitive, and at odds with prevailing medical dogma. Worse yet, it faces powerful opposition from corporations that profit at the expense of public health. This website is therefore intended to provide sources that promote its acceptance.

A book that describes the MSM and discusses its implications is in the hands of its publisher and will soon be announced via this website.

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